PRIMI exploded onto the scene in Cape Town 1999 with an innovative ‘out the box’ restaurant experience, vibrant colour and staff empowerment. Over the years the brand has expanded and traded in multiple provinces, in various countries and on different continents.


The Brief:

Based on the current position the brand finds itself in , the post covid 19 effects, the change in consumer behavior and perception. What do you as a team believe Primi can do to adapt to these changes and re-establish itself as a restaurant innovator.


Brief deliverables:

  • Conduct research to identify our target audience and organise them into key personas
  • Create an integrated ONLINE and OFFLINE marketing campaign that speaks to our defined target audience.
  • The Campaign should direct PRIMI on:
  • What content relates to PRIMI’s audience.
  • Where are they found (Preferred online platforms)
  • When (Provide a timeline for the campaign rollout)


Submission requirements:

  • A video link presentation
  • PowerPoint presentation document
  • Research document (Background, Methodology, SWOT, insights and findings)
  • Group identity document (Full name, student number, personal emails & portrait pictures

How does the brand connect with the target audience post Covid to amplify and Re-establish the brand again.