Since being reintroduced back into the South Africa market under global distribution since 2016, Reebok adopted a new direction of unifying the brand under the Vector logo  in 2019 resulting in fantastic global consumer resonance.


The Brief:

How does Reebok continue to re awaken its rich heritage in South Africa as an authentic fitness/lifestyle brand through

its key sneaker franchises- focusing on Club C, Classic Leather and Basketball?


Brief deliverables:

Focusing on the digital marketing mix, what levers can we pull to bring the existing Brand heritage and momentum to life and connect it to the Reebok Friendly consumer over a 6-month period?

– What consumer profile do we want to capture and define as the Reebok Friendly consumer?

– Over the three month campaign, how do we:

  • Attract
  • Create authentic and long-lasting connections
  • Convert
  • Retain


Submission requirements:

  • A video link presentation
  • PowerPoint presentation document
  • Research document (Background, Methodology, SWOT, insights and findings)
  • Group identity document (Full name, student number, personal emails & portrait pictures